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    Taking paid online surveys can be a great way to earn some extra cash, while working from the comforts of home. It can be tricky to decipher which companies are legitimate, and which companies are a scam. One of the best ways to be certain that what you are signing up for is an honest paying online survey company is to ensure that you do NOT give your credit card number or pay any money up-front to sign up. I can tell you that, from my own experiences of joining countless survey websites, uncovering scam survey websites, and filtering through the sites that paid way too little for the work, I have discovered some of the highest paying GPT and best quality online survey sites around. The sites that I’ve found and review here are 100% legitimate, and I have personally earned money through taking their surveys. Each of the surveys, below, are free to join, and they do not ask for your credit card or any form of payment. Furthermore, they are against selling your information- that’s a huge bonus in this industry!

    1. MySurvey

    MySurvey is my biggest earner in 2013 with over $4,000 Earned in 2013. MySurvey has BBB (Better Business Bureau) certification, and they are a survey company that has been around longer than most others. Surveys are sent out often, and product testing from home is also offered. The way that MySurvey pays is through a points system. For example, 1100 points represents $10. Payments are conveniently made through PayPal. Other forms of payment may include gift cards from places like Amazon.com. In order to take MySurvey’s online surveys, a person must be at least 14 years old with their parent’s consent. The surveys are available in many countries. Click here to learn more about MySurvey!


    SwagBucks is a unique opportunity that allows people who are searching the internet, watching videos, and buying things online to earn reward points, which they can then use to purchase gift cards for things like clothing, coffee, and more. They also offer paid survey opportunities and sweepstakes entries, and you can even earn points by playing free video games. To participate in Swagbucks, you only need to be 13 years old and be a resident of USA, Canada, Australia, or the UK. Click Here to join Swagbucks!

    3. YourFreeSurveys

    YourFreeSurveys starts you with a free $4 right off the bat, although the payment threshold is $30. One good thing about this site though is as soon as you reach the minimum payment it will be sent to you instantly via PayPal. You typically have 3 daily surveys you can complete every 24 hours. There are also random surveys which show up for you to complete. There are times where you will have the opportunity to test products at home, including food and beverages. There are also receive magazine surveys. To be eligible to join you must reside in the United States and be at least 18 years of age. Click Hereto signup at Your Free Surveys and claim your free cash!

    4. FusionCash

    Fusion Cash gives you a free $5 sign-up bonus when you confirm your email and activate your account by adding their phone number. . FusionCash has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and they have been around since 2005. FusionCash has a good track record, too; they have paid their members more than $2 million since starting up. For this reason, they are one of the most lucrative choices available, today. Another cool thing about FusionCash is that they don’t just stick to regular paid surveys. They offer paid email opportunities, PTC (paid to click), and several other free and trial offers. Another way to earn money with FusionCash is to participate in their online forum; just for participating, you will earn $3 each month. Payment options are flexible, too. You can choose if you want to be paid by direct deposit, a check in the mail, or by PayPal. FusionCash is only offered to residents of USA and Canada, currently, and a Click here for this excellent online survey opportunity!

    Other Survey Sites Worth A Mention


    GlobalTestMarket has a reported 5.5 million members, and it is one of the biggest survey websites around. Established in 1999, it has longevity and offers surveys to people who want to make some part-time money. GlobalTestMarket offers their survey opportunities via email, and the surveys have a timeframe. For example, a survey can be emailed to you, and you will have a certain amount of time before the survey’s quota will fill up. In this sense, the work is timely and you need to be close to your computer to get the most opportunities. GlobalTestMarket pays their members after they have earned $50, so payout can take longer with this website than with others, and the payout happens through a check in the mail. You can be a resident of a variety of countries, so check out GlobalTestMarket, today!


    CashCrate also has longevity- it has been around for a number of years and it offers a simple platform for people to make money through online surveys. Unlike some of the other survey companies, you can earn quite a bit of cash back for simply spending your money at stores like iTunes, Office Depot, and Walmart. For taking surveys through CashCrate, you will be paid monthly by check or direct deposit, and their minimum payouts are small at $20. The signup is free and you get a $1 bonus just for signing up. You can be a resident of any country to participate, and signing up is simple. Sign up today!

    Coaster Cash

    With over 2,500 members, Coaster Cash is a high quality survey website. The usability is straight-forward, so working with this company is simple and efficient. CoasterCash has paid its members over $35,000 through PayPal and with gift cards, and members simply need to take quizzes, respond to surveys, and use free trials offers. This company also creates a fun environment for users by setting up slots where points earned can then be turned into a real money payout. In addition to fun and games, CoasterCash makes it easy for people to earn money quick: with a low minimum payout of $1, members can be paid nearly instantly via PayPal. This website is accessible to people from many different countries, and it’s an excellent way to earn some extra cash. Click Here to check it out!

    The History of Paid Surveys

    There are hundreds of different websites offering paid surveys in return for cash and other rewards, but it didn’t always used to be this way- not online, anyway. Companies have been rewarding people for many years, even before the advent of internet marketing, simply for providing them with high quality information about their products and services. What is it about consumer information that is so valuable to companies?

    Information is more powerful than some people expect, especially in the world of consumer goods and services. The opinions, preferences, and thoughts surrounding products and services play a huge role in how a company will create their products, how they will market themselves, and even how they will package and bundle their services. Smart companies know that they need consumer input before they start to market their product or service.

    Companies began doing this through the use of focus groups. In addition, paper surveys were used before the internet took over. As you can imagine, paper surveys would have been hand-mailed to people, people would need to fill out the surveys, and then mail their responses back to companies. Telephone surveys also gained popularity for some time. People would then be paid with a check that would arrive in the mail.

    Now that internet marketing has become so quick and easy, conducting a survey and having people participate has become a whole lot easier than ever before. With speedy online payment transfer systems, people receive nearly instant payment for their work in taking surveys, testing new products, and giving their opinions on all kinds of matters.

    It’s clear that conducting and taking surveys is not the same as it was years ago, and people are making a lot of money, and sometimes even making a decent living by making use of free online survey websites, from the comforts of their own homes. With companies receiving valuable opinions and digital information from consumers, and consumers being paid for their thoughts and opinions about products and services, everyone wins. Companies can use the information to build better products, and consumers can enjoy the better products and some income, all at the same time!

    Paid surveys work to assist businesses in surpassing their competitors. One fine example of this is in the way that Coca-Cola used paid surveys in the early days. Coke would send out surveys to their focus groups, and those consumers would give their opinions, not only on the Coke beverage, but also on the competitor’s beverage (Pepsi). With consumer information in-hand, Coke would be developed into other beverages that would match the preferences of consumers. For example, Coke branched off into Diet Coke. Without surveys, gathering information would be far more difficult than it was.

    Companies really want to understand their target market. Because of this, companies will do their very best to gather data, analyze the data, and come out with information that they will be able to use to improve upon their existing products, create new products, and most importantly, meet the needs of consumers. Companies are not the only ones who have become sophisticated, though. Consumers are beginning to understand that they can earn money from their living rooms, in their pajamas, simply by entering their opinions, clicking some buttons, and sitting in front of their computer or smart phone for a few minutes at a time. It is clear to see that taking surveys online has become a lucrative activity for both consumer and corporation.

    The kinds of surveys that are available to people have changed over the decades. Companies are becoming more and more strategic about the questions they are asking, and the way that payment is made is superior to any way it has been done in the past. Efficiency, therefor, and effectiveness has gone above and beyond to benefit the company and the survey-taker. An example of this is how a person can turn on their phone and take a survey, and then receive their payment through PayPal, which is also easily accessible by wireless device. Due to the increasing technology available, people using handheld devices while taking surveys may be asked about things like how often they use their wireless devices for activities such as reading or shopping. Every bit of information provides useful data to companies so they can know their target audience and improve their products.

    Companies are interested in details. When it comes to surveys, they will ask questions that pinpoint the precise information that they are using to understand their audience and their competitor. If you are taking a survey for a grocery store chain, for example, the survey may ask a question like, “how much of your monthly grocery budget do you spend at the following companies?” The list of companies following the question would include their own grocery chain as well as their competitors. As you can see, the survey responses would be very valuable.

    With information being so valuable to companies, and the sharing of information and ideas being so important to humans, paid surveys have become something that can be beneficial to a lot of people, and have been for a long time. It is important to companies that they gather information quickly because everything is changing so rapidly. Consumer demand and preferences is a detailed and complex system, and it is not uncommon for companies to gather information night and day, on a consistent basis.

    There are millions of people, all over the world, who are taking online surveys and being paid commissions for doing just that. Online surveys are an excellent way to improve your cash flow, whether it is on a part-time or a full-time basis. Some people are looking for a few extra dollars to add to their spending money, and some people want to have a decent part-time income. Signing up with a paid survey company is quick and easy. Just keep in mind that you are not being asked for any credit card information, and read about the survey companies we have discussed, above. Go ahead! Get excited about making some extra cash from home, and jump in!